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Wealth Management You can Trust

Our Process

You have come to us for help in reaching your financial goals, and that's why we concentrate on fully understanding those things right from the start. While not every product or service will fit what you want to achieve, we make sure our recommendations fit your individual and ongoing situation.

Step One

Understanding Where You Are

Family dynamics
Personal and business dreams
Charitable and family legacy philosophy
Current cash flow, balance sheet, and investment portfolio

Step Two

Understanding Where You Want To Be

What does financial independence mean for you?
Are there goals you’d like to accomplish, such as funding college, buying a vacation home, or travel?
Do you want to help your children, grandchildren, or parents?
What would it be like to not have financial worries?

Step Three

Creating An Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Comprehensive Financial Plan based on your situation
Projecting retirement income and balancing multiple goal scenarios
Tax reduction strategies
Personalized asset allocation

Step Four

Helping You Get There

Monitoring your progress
Collaborating with your CPA or attorney
Evaluating investment results, risks, and opportunities
Adjusting to life events and transitions

Please review this checklist of items prior to your meeting

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